Green development, innovative development, high-quality development

Actively implement the innovation-driven development strategy

The Group actively implements the innovation-driven development strategy and continuously increases investment in scientific research and innovation. Through project research and development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the Group has applied for 1016 patents to the State Patent Office and obtained 768 patent certificates upon authorization.

Low carbon environmental protection, innovation and high quality development

Over the years, the group has adhered to the road of "low-carbon, environmental protection, innovation and high-quality development", always put environmental protection in the first place, set no upper limit on the investment in environmental protection, boldly tried new processes and new technologies, and built its own special railway line, built its own Hekou wharf and supporting 10 marine cargo ships, and purchased hundreds of electric heavy-duty trucks.

Steel Products

The hot-rolled products of Cangzhou China Railway and Tangshan vertical and horizontal bases of the group are all hot-rolled strips, which complement each other in specifications. The width of the products is 450-1630mm and the thickness is 1.5-20mm series specifications are fully covered.

Chemical Products

The company's coke products are primary metallurgical coke, product quality in line with the requirements of GB/T1996-2017 standard, to meet the demand for coke for iron-making large blast furnaces, in the same industry in a leading position.
Xinhua United Metallurgical Group

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The group gives full play to the role of domestic and international markets, continuously improves the core competitiveness of the group with steel and coke as the main business, builds a century-old solid steel enterprise, and actively contributes more to the country and society

Xinhua United Metallurgical Group