Business philosophy: science and efficient heritage of humanity win
        Corporate values: Responsibility to win the respect of labor creates value
        The spirit of enterprise: integrity Thanksgiving dedication
        Behavioral norms: loyalty pragmatic fair and honest
        Work for Wind: resolutely excellence
        Philosophy (Vision and Mission):
        1,An active positive, fair and honest in all things and establish a code of conduct in favor of others.
        2, so that all employees to create a successful career and a happy family life development platform.
        3. Create a can maximize the advantages of individual creativity and collective organization of an enterprise environment.
        4, studious rigorous, scientific development of China's national steel industry to create domestic first-class brand.
        5, the establishment of a safe, environmentally friendly, low-carbon and strong profitability of the domestic first-class steel companies.
        6, in order to create, build quality and innovative spirit of enterprise, continue to provide the community, the state, contribute to the development of the world economy.