First, the creation of the stage
        1,2003, the Corporation initiated the establishment of the same year, Handan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. was incorporated aspect
        2,2003 June 20, the provincial key construction leading group office with a view re-run [2003] No. 22, approved Handan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in the broadband aspect steel project was listed as key construction projects.
        Second, the development stage
        On 2 February 3,2004, the CPC Handan County, the county government granted a county chairman, Sun Ji wood projects "Special Contribution Award", at the same time, Sun chairman also received Handan County "investment hero" honorary title, won the first of Handan City ten business model development of private economy.
        On April 4,2004, the full range of vertical and horizontal Steel Group officially put into operation, marking the group entered the track of normal development, Xinhua Metallurgical opened a new course.
        5,2005 March 26, the aspect of Handan Iron and Steel Company by the county government grand recognition, won the "Special Contribution Award of key projects, tax contribution hero, hero of key projects enterprises," three awards.
        6,2006 on February 25, the aspect Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the "taxation million businesses."
        Third, the growth of the stage
        On November 7,2006 and Cangzhou Municipal Corporation signed the agreement, the construction of domestic production scale, technical level class integrated steel companies, the development of the company's focus shifted from Handan Iron aspect to Cangzhou.
        On December 8,2006 Cangzhou iron Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., Ltd. formally incorporated
        Four, and winning Group Construction
        9,2009 years, Xinhua Metallurgical Group Wing out in 2009, 500 Chinese enterprises on 350 Chinese manufacturing enterprises 500 No. 195, ferrous metallurgy and rolling processing industry Article 52
        10,2010 wing out in the company in 2010 China Top 500 Enterprises 255
        11,2011 wing out in the company in 2011, 500 Chinese enterprises on 219, 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises Section 110
        12,2012 wing out in the company in 2012 China Top 500 Enterprises 199
        On 26 October 13,2012 weight and central enterprises in China cooperation in the construction of a heavy cold rolling and other projects under 3 million tons
        14,2013 In 2013 the company wing out 500 Chinese enterprises, the first 189, wing out 500 Chinese private enterprises Article 20
        15,2014 in Cangzhou iron Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., Ltd. and Handan Iron and Steel Group has adopted the crossbar State Ministry "Steel industry standard conditions" access to qualified
        16,2014 wing out in the company in 2014, 500 Chinese enterprises on 186, wing out private enterprises in Hebei Province, the first one
        17 ......


            Long out of the sea, the industry flourished in the time. In the development process, the company always adhere to the safety, return to the community as a fundamental, to the end of 2014, total social employment arrangements (three main production and transportation capacity, etc.) totaling more than 2 million people, effectively promote local economic development and livelihood improvement. Meanwhile, the Corporation actively implement the scientific concept of development, adhere to the development of recycling economy, green economy, enterprise development and harmonious and balanced development. As companies continue to accelerate the pace of development, Xinhua Metallurgical Group will in the metallurgical industry into a leading technology, advanced management, rich and colorful culture of enterprise-class strength and achieve win-win situation the company, employees and customers.