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Hebei Zongheng group Fengnan iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Address: Lingang Park, Fengnan Economic Development Zone, Tangshan, Hebei

Office Tel: 0315-8530123

Tel. of supply department: 0315-8530009

Tel. of marketing department: 0315-8530096

Automation Department Tel: 0315-8530008

Fax: 0315-8530123

Office email: [email protected]



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Xinhua United Metallurgical Holding Group Co., Ltd

Address: floor T2-16, Wangjing Poly International Plaza, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Office Tel: 010-63705151-8102

Tel. of purchasing department: 010-63705151-8201

Tel: 010-63705151-8220

Automation Department Tel: 010-63705151-8080

Fax: 010-63705151-8109

Office email: [email protected]


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