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  Hebei Zhong zhong cold rolling Material Co., LTD

  Hebei Zhongzhong Heavy Cold Rolling Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, belonging to China's top 500 enterprises "Xinhua Metallurgical Group".

  With a total investment of more than 8 billion yuan, the company is a steel enterprise specializing in the production of cold-rolled sheet, galvanized sheet and annealed sheet. It has an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons of cold-rolled coil sheet, 450,000 tons of galvanized sheet and 400,000 tons of annealed sheet. The company is near the 200,000 tons of Huanghua Port in the east, with obvious location advantages and unique traffic conditions.

  The company uses China First Heavy, Siemens, ABB and other domestic and foreign advanced equipment, equipment level is high, advanced environmental protection facilities, its cold rolling base material for the group's subsidiary Cangzhou Zhongtiet Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., Ltd. supporting the production of high-quality hot rolled coil.

  The company's products are mainly used in building materials, household appliances, automobiles, photovoltaic, etc., effectively extend the industrial chain, maximize the added value of products, product market demand is strong, more than 60% of exports.

  The company actively implements the concept of high-quality development, adhering to the “ Perfect system, optimize process, lean production, full execution” We will strive to build benchmarking advanced manufacturing enterprises with advanced equipment and high-quality products.