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  Hebei Zhongxiang Energy Co., LTD

  Hebei Zhongxiang Energy Co., Ltd. was established in September 2014, located in Cangzhou Bohai New Area, south of Nanshugang Road, east of Haiphong Road, belongs to China's top 500 enterprises "Xinhua Metallurgical Group", the total investment of more than 1 billion yuan, covers an area of 450 acres, the existing staff of more than 250 people, in August 2016 completed and put into operation, the annual output value of about 1.5 billion yuan.

  The company mainly uses the coke oven gas produced by the upstream coking plant and the converter gas produced by the steel plant as raw materials, through a series of processes such as compression, purification, methanation, cryogenic separation and ammonia synthesis, to produce high-quality liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquid ammonia products. Designed to produce 280,000 tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and 70,000 tons of liquid ammonia per year.

  The project is the largest production plant in China that uses coke oven gas to produce LNG and co-production liquid ammonia. The device not only has the characteristics of high degree of automation, less personnel, advanced technology, safe and reliable operation, but also makes 100 percent use of raw materials and saves resources to the greatest extent. Since putting into operation, the device has been running safely and smoothly, not only reaching the design capacity but also the product quality has reached the national standard excellent level.

  The company's LNG products are mainly used as fuel and for the manufacture of carbon black, hydrogen, acetylene, formaldehyde, etc. Liquid ammonia is mainly used in the production of nitric acid, urea and other chemical fertilizers, and can also be used as raw materials for medicine and pesticides; It can be used as ammonia raw material for organic chemical products, and can also be used as refrigerant. LNG is mainly sold to this province and Shandong, and liquid ammonia is mainly sold to this province.

  The company uses coke oven gas and converter gas from surrounding coking enterprises and steel mills to produce natural gas products, and uses hydrogen-rich tail gas to produce liquid ammonia products from natural gas by-products. The products provide energy support for large and medium-sized enterprises in Bohai New Area and within 50km of the surrounding area. The construction of this project makes full and reasonable use of industrial exhaust resources, reduces environmental pollution and realizes resource recycling. The company is adjacent to the largest coke production base in Bohai New Area, with unique advantages of coke oven gas source. Occupy the advantages of Shandong, Tianjin and Hebei industrial circle, based on Cangzhou Bohai New Area, take advantage of the favorable opportunity of national development of Bohai economic circle, actively explore the domestic market, and bring greater economic and social benefits for enterprises and society.