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 Hebei Fuyue Chemical Technology Co., LTD

  Hebei Fuyue Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2009, belonging to China's top 500 enterprises “ Xinhua Metallurgical Group ” It is a supporting enterprise of Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., LTD., a subsidiary of the group. The company has a total investment of 540 million yuan, covers an area of more than 90 mu, and employs 180 people. It was completed and put into operation in September 2011, with an annual gross production value of 700 million yuan.

  The company mainly uses coke oven gas produced by the upstream coking plant of the Group company as raw material, through self-heating pure oxygen conversion, isothermal synthesis and other processes to produce high-quality methanol, which is a new type of environmental protection project for comprehensive utilization of resources. Designed to produce 200,000 tons of high-quality methanol and 8.4 million cubic meters of high-purity hydrogen annually. A part of the synthetic tail gas is used as fuel gas in the heating furnace, and a part of it produces high purity hydrogen with a content of 99.999% through pressure swing adsorption, which is used by Hebei Zhongzhong Cold Rolling Co., LTD., a subsidiary of the group, and the waste is comprehensively utilized.

  Methanol products are widely used as basic chemical raw materials, mainly used in the manufacture of formaldehyde, acetic acid and many other organic products, pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemical products and used as new fuels, etc. The products are mainly sold to surrounding chemical enterprises.

  Main advantages: First, stable production depends on Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., Ltd. steel plate rich gas resources, stable gas supply, gas source quality; The second is advanced technology, the main conversion and synthesis process are using foreign advanced technology package, high equipment configuration, the whole plant static equipment, instrument automatic control system are using domestic or international well-known brands; Third, low energy consumption, good quality, the production of methanol tons of gas consumption, oxygen consumption and other indicators in the same industry is very prominent, the quality of the product reaches and exceeds the national standard GB/T338-2011 and the United States standard in all indicators, ethanol content is controlled below 20ppm.

  At present, the company has obtained more than ten national patent projects, which has made outstanding contributions to cost reduction, emission reduction and environmental protection.