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Hebei Zongheng Iron Steel Group Co., Ltd


  Hebei Zongheng Iron Steel Group Co., Ltd was founded in aspect in 2003, is a collection of sintering, iron making, steel making, rolling, oxygen, electricity, sewage treatment in one large steel company. More than 4,000 employees, fixed assets of 5.0 billion, iron, steel, timber production capacity of about 3 million tons each, is the larger of the hot-rolled wide strip production base, but also the Hebei provincial government to determine the "second five" during the focus on supporting the development of large steel enterprise groups. The company is now vice president of Hebei Metallurgical Industry Association, the China Iron and Steel Industry Association member units, the vice president of the All-China Federation of Industry Metallurgical Industry Association unit.

      Major equipment: 3 120m2 sintering machine, the seat 2 10m2 shaft furnace, 4 580 m3 blast furnace, the seat 2 85T converter, three straight arc slab caster, two 850mm broadband steel production lines, three 10000m3 / h system oxygen machine, 2 6000KWh blast furnace gas pressure turbine, two gas turbines 15000KWh, a daily processing 16,800 tons of sewage treatment plants.

  The main products for the broadband steel, widely used in all kinds of steel, cold-rolled strip steel substrates, thin-walled pipe, cable tray, cooperage Cans, stamping parts, household appliances and other industries panel materials.

  The company established a comprehensive quality management system, environmental management systems, energy management systems, occupational health and safety management system and measurement management system, and passed the relevant certification. The company has won the Agricultural Bank of China "AAA grade credit customers", "National Steel Industry advanced collective", "law-abiding integrity of township enterprises", "Hebei advanced grassroots party organizations," "top ten private enterprises in Hebei Province" and "Handan City private enterprises large taxpayer "," Handan City energy saving advanced unit "and" meritorious contributions to corporate taxation Handan County, "and many other honors. November 25, 2014, has been formally adopted by the State Ministry of standardized conditions require the steel industry.