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Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Manufacturing Material Co.,ltd


    CANGZHOU ZHONGTIE EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING MATERIAL CO.,LTD,Founded in 2006, located in Beijing and Tianjin, the Bohai Economic Rim important economic growth belt - Cangzhou City, Hebei Bohai Sea Area, just 5 kilometers from the Huanghua integrated terminal, the unique geographical location, is an important hot strip north production base, the first audit compliance with regulatory requirements Hebei iron and steel production enterprises through the State Ministry. Along with the development of the Bohai Sea Area, the company quickly built into a set of coal chemical industry, sintering, iron making, steel making, rolling, residual heat and air pressure to generate electricity and sewage treatment projects in one of the major integrated steel company, Hebei Province. "one large steel enterprise groups focused on supporting the development of the five-second "period.  

    The company has improved the quality, energy and environmental management system. Freshman of the project with a total investment of more than 200 billion is now fully operational, the production well, the project construction process, the spirit of the design starting point, first-class equipment, advanced principles of environmental protection facilities, prompting a compact overall production process, layout reasonable, and take advantage of the unique regional advantages Bohai Sea Area, Huanghua port navigable bring comprehensive facilities and logistics cost advantages, with mainland counterparts unparalleled superior conditions for the development of enterprises. Production, a large number of domestic and foreign mature technology and processes, based on a weight of other well-known domestic Chinese cooperation unit, and the introduction of the United States, Germany, Italy and other foreign advanced equipment, and equipment level among the nation's top private steel enterprises. Major equipment and facilities are: 4 6 m 55 holes CDQ furnace, 3 240m2, a desk and a 180㎡ 260㎡ sintering machine, three 2500m3 and a 1350 m3 blast furnace, 3 180t converter (supporting LF and RH refining furnace), 1250mm, 1780mm new alloy material rolling production line.

       Our main products are: 1.5-20mm (thickness) × 450-1630mm (width) of high-quality carbon steel and low alloy high strength steel, 140-508mm in diameter can be directly used in the production of large diameter welded pipe and spiral welded pipe, highway guardrail, steel templates, and automobile frames, shelves and other steel, cold-rolled strip can also be used as a substrate, after rolling processed into galvanized sheet, color coated and other high-end products, or for the thin-walled pipe, cable bridge, cooper Cans, stampings and other industries. For high-tech products in line with national industrial policy requirements, high value-added hot rolled dual high new alloy materials, oil pipelines and railway building special steel plate rolling stock, container board and machinery and equipment manufacturing steel varieties. Now can achieve an annual output of iron, steel, timber more than 7.5 million tons each, CDQ 2.2 million tons, methanol, clumsy, tar 600,000 tons, sales ranks first in Cangzhou City.