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Green development


      Hebei Xinhua joint metallurgical Holding Group Co., Ltd. always adheres to the goal of building clean, resource-saving and modernized green iron and steel enterprises and entering the new era. It is also the fundamental concept of green development of "green water, green hills, golden hill and silver mountain" put forward by general secretary Xi Jinping as the basic principle of enterprise development, and resolutely implement the environmental protection measures of the state and Hebei province. The policy is to continuously upgrade and transform the environmental protection treatment projects, and has invested about 8 billion yuan in environmental protection treatment funds, effectively improving the ability and level of environmental protection treatment of enterprises. In the past two years, Xinhua Metallurgical Group has invested heavily in the transformation project of environmental protection and ultra-low emission. Cangzhou China railway equipment manufacturing materials Co., Ltd. has successively completed key environmental protection treatment projects, such as raw material plant awning, sintering system flue gas desulfurization and denitrification transformation, coking system flue gas desulfurization and denitrification transformation, etc. after on-site evaluation by environmental protection testing agencies, Cangzhou China railway equipment manufacturing materials Co., Ltd. has met the requirements of ultra-low emission standards for air, noise, water and other pollutants. At the beginning of the project construction, Fengnan iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Hebei Zongheng group has rooted the concept of green development in every production link, striving to create a responsible, environmental friendly and first-class green advanced iron and steel enterprise benchmark image. After the completion of the project, it is generally believed that hengzong Fengnan iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has adopted advanced and mature metallurgical environmental protection treatment technology and pollutant control measures at home and abroad in environmental protection treatment, showing the advanced level of environmental protection treatment in domestic iron and steel industry, such as per ton of steel smoke and dust emission, per ton of steel SO2 emission and per ton of steel NOx emission, etc The environmental protection emission indexes are all lower than the ultra-low emission standards of Hebei Province, which play a role of model and effect in the environmental protection of iron and steel industry.

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