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        Start rolling mill in the repair schedule

        Date:Jan 12,2015

        1780 rolling mill line repair on December 30, 2014 to January 2, 2015 as scheduled.
        The repair for a period of four days in a time when New Year's Day, the festive atmosphere thick, staff overtime, desalination initiative festive atmosphere, play fearless tired, not Pazang spirit, insist on early 8: 00--20: 00 downtime without wavering, to complete maintenance tasks to ensure high quality.
        The production index in the repair involves complete schedule, like a war of no smoke, as if in a race against time everyone. In this battle, inspection station is responsible for the entire inspection equipment hidden rolling line, making the repair plan and confirmation of spare parts in the repair work. Inspection stations to give up the opportunity for all employees and their families, and race against time to complete one after another the dirty work. They united, hard working, develop meticulous, diligent work style, adherence to the "safe" and "efficiency" wheel drive, work made outstanding achievements for 1780 lines rolling in the repair.

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