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        Prevention of such crimes honest advocate of the wind

        Date:Jan 12,2015

        December 21, 2014 morning, the company invited Cangzhou City Procuratorate of Crime Prevention Bureau of South-new director to the company to carry out "anti-corruption, prevention of such crimes" seminar. The seminar was held at the company's East Restaurant, presided over by General Manager Shi Hai Bao, high school level, mid-level and above each key posts Factory total of more than 250 people attended the lecture.

        Lectures South-new Secretary typical examples, and detailed analysis, policy and targeted, for the company to further improve management of important posts do duty crime prevention awareness of the work, and promote the company clean government and carry out the work, has a very important practical significance.

        Shi Hai, general manager of treasure on the study and implementation of the seminar spoke three points:

         First fully understand the importance and necessity of prevention of job-related crimes.
          All units should anti-corruption education, prevention of such crimes as a basic task, take a variety of effective forms to strengthen internal staff ideological and political education, ethics education, legal education, warning education and honest education, build a strong ideological line of defense, consciously resist all kinds of bad behavior.
        Second, strengthen management, improve and perfect the mechanism of prevention efforts.

        To strengthen the prevention of job-related crimes institutionalized, standardized construction, continue to strengthen the governing system construction, and fully involved in monitoring propaganda enterprise workers, especially in the construction, material procurement, product sales, on-site inspection, field rewinding, duty door post as well as aspects of leased vehicles Taiwan class visa, etc., to strengthen supervision of the masses of workers, and constantly enhance the practical effect of prevention efforts.

        Third, should take this lecture as an opportunity to actively promote the work currently undertaken.
        Now is the time New Year's Day, the eve of the Spring Festival, the units should be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company building a clean government, self-discipline to work earnestly before the holiday. I hope you take the learnings of education, transforming force for promoting the work to a high degree of professionalism and a strong sense of responsibility for the development of the company to make its due contribution.


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