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        China Railway No.4 BF strengthen Winter "Five Anti" see the effectiveness of management

        Date:Jan 12,2015

        Enter January, temperatures plunged, bleak, icy water, we have to wear thick clothes, take all precautionary measures to prevent colds affect their health. We may not pay attention to those outdoor equipment also need insulation, whether they can withstand the test of cold winter means of production and operation can proceed smoothly, is directly related to enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises.

           Well ahead of winter equipment for insulation work, No.4 blast furnace plant as early as October began winter "Five Anti" inspection equipment maintenance. They insulation from the field device has facilities to conduct a comprehensive investigation to confirm the validity of the lack of holding facilities and easy freezing equipment, aggregate unified submit relevant departments for centralized treatment. While for this workshop is not a charge, but the device within the jurisdiction were also used to check for the existence of the problem promptly notify the responsible workshop, winterizing work in a timely manner.

        As the weather cools, all devices are intact normal operation, not because of the cold and windy outside, frosty winter bring damage to the device. As of this writing has not found work in place because of the insulation caused by equipment failure.

        Winter season, although the pre-frost insulation work are in place, but due to production needs from time to time will have a temporary holding facilities were dismantled situation occurs, the blast furnace shop staff positions requiring enhanced accountability, timely removal of the holding facilities for recovery, equipment to reduce the possibility of freezing.

             Weather cools, avoid sick employees to keep warm, but also timely warm equipment to avoid "cold", only good "body" will create better value.

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