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Hebei Zongheng Group Fengnan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Heavy Diesel Vehicle Pollution Prevention Responsibility System and Environmental Protection Standard System Scheme

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Dec 17,2020

1. Purpose

In order to establish a vehicle environment standard system, strengthen source control, the establishment of diesel truck emissions pollution comprehensive supervision mechanism."Networked" management systems. Enhance corporate self-discipline awareness, fulfill social responsibilities, strengthen daily vehicle management, accelerate the progress of vehicle upgrades, ensure that the emission compliance rate of diesel trucks is significantly improved, and the quality of diesel and vehicle urea is significantly improved.System.

2. basis

According to the "Hebei Province Diesel Vehicle Pollution Control Battle Implementation Plan" (Ji Qi Leading Office 〔2019 No. 102), "on accelerating the promotion of heavy diesel truck pollution prevention and control measures" (Ji Qi Lingban [2019] No. 160), Hebei Provincial Department of Ecological Environment Office "on accelerating the establishment of key vehicle units heavy diesel vehicle pollution prevention and control responsibility system and environmental protection standard guarantee system notice" (Ji Huan Ban Zi Han [2020] No. 48) and Tangshan diesel truck pollution control battle implementation plan "(Tang Qi Lingban [2019] No. 31) Several document requirements, specially prepared for thisManagement System.

3. scope of application

BenSystemapplyAll production units, functional offices and related parties engaged in various operations within the company.

4. Duties

Article 1 Responsibilities of the Ministry of Environmental Protection

The (I) shall be responsible for publicizing and implementing relevant environmental management requirements for heavy-duty diesel vehicles from relevant superior departments.

The (II) is responsible for the supervision and assessment of the heavy diesel vehicle management process of each unit of the company.

Article II Responsibilities of Security Department

The (I) is responsible for implementing the information inquiry of heavy diesel vehicles entering the factory.

The (II) is responsible for the disposal of illegal vehicles.

Article III Responsibilities of Supply Department

The (I) is responsible for implementing the purchase of vehicles and signing of lease contracts.

The (II) is responsible for the registration of transport vehicle information.

The (III) is responsible for the management evaluation and assessment of the transport unit.

Article 4 Responsibilities of Automation Department

(I) responsible for the maintenance of the access control system to ensure that the access control system and the environmental protection department network normal.

(II) responsible for vehicle access control, weighing system management and maintenance.

Article V Responsibilities of each unit

The (I) is responsible for implementing the requirements of this system.

(II) accept the inspection of the superior department, formulate and implement the rectification measures.

5. requirements 

ARTICLE VI When purchasing transport vehicles or transport services, each unit shall confirm the vehicle emission standard information. The renewal of self-owned vehicles must be diesel trucks or new energy vehicles with national five and above emission standards, giving priority to the use of national six vehicles.

Article VII Each unit shall clearly indicate in the bidding documents that the vehicles used shall be diesel trucks or new energy vehicles with national V and above emission standards.

Article 8 Each unit shall manage the list of vehicle providing units and vehicle information. The transportation service contract and vehicle list signed with the vehicle providing units shall be submitted to the Ministry of Environmental Protection in a timely manner. The Ministry of Environmental Protection shall report to the local ecological environment management department for filing. The ecological environment department shall review the vehicle list and feed the reviewed and filed vehicle list back to the Environmental Protection Department before use.

Article IX When purchasing transportation services, each unit shall review the information of transportation vehicles and check whether the vehicles meet the environmental emission standards,Whether the OBD online monitoring system is connected to the ecological environment department, checks and backs up the relevant information of transport vehicles, and establishes a vehicle ledger, including valid documents such as vehicle registration certificate, operation certificate, vehicle driving certificate, pass, etc. Bidders that do not meet the requirements of national and local policies and regulations and cannot provide vehicle-related documents are not allowed to accept their applications for transport services.

Article X Each unit shall use vehicles that meet the requirements of environmental protection standards. The vehicle provider shall ensure that the vehicle information is true and effective and meets the requirements of the purchase contract.

Article 11 The security department shall verify the information and actual situation of all vehicles entering the factory. It is strictly prohibited for vehicles that fail to meet the emission standards and exceed the exhaust emission standards to enter the factory area. If the vehicle information is found to be false, the vehicle shall be immediately reported to the supply department for assessment and reported to the local police station.

Article 12 The Ministry of Environmental Protection is responsible for cooperating with the superior departments to detect the exhaust emissions of vehicles in use, spot check the fuel use and urea addition, and do a good job in daily inspection.

Article 13 For the ecological environment management department to push the road inspection road inspection, household spot checks, electronic capture,The vehicles exceeding the standard screened by OBD online monitoring and the vehicles with problems found by enterprise self-examination shall be stopped from use and included in the blacklist of our unit, and shall be allowed to enter the factory to provide transportation services after passing the maintenance and re-inspection.

Article 14 The Ministry of Environmental Protection will submit the daily inspection ledger to the local ecological environment management department for filing every quarter, and can also transmit the enterprise vehicle maintenance, fuel and vehicle urea addition to the local ecological environment management department on a regular basis through the network system.

Article XV The automation department shall incorporate the registered transport vehicles into the enterprise pound list management system. The pound list system shall have the function of automatic vehicle alarm. When weighing vehicles not in the pound list system, the weighing system shall automatically alarm. After the alarm, the automation department shall promptly notify the units, fleets or individuals to which the vehicles belong. Vehicles that do not meet the requirements shall not be used, and vehicles that meet the requirements shall be filed and updated in time.

Article 16 The Supply Department is responsible for establishing the management assessment and evaluation system of the vehicle supply unit. The vehicle entrance guard notification, weighing list alarm, problems found in daily inspection, and investigation and punishment by the ecological environment management department shall be summarized and scored. The use of illegal vehicles and fraudulent fleets or individuals shall be included in the assessment of the units or individuals to which the vehicles belong, and the transportation units with lower ranking or serious deduction shall be regularly ranked. The transportation units with lower ranking or serious deduction shall be requested to cancel the qualification of entering the factory and refuse to provide transportation services. The assessment results shall be submitted to the local ecological environment management department for filing every quarter.

6. assessment and rewards and punishments

Units or individuals that violate this system shall be assessed, rewarded and punished with reference to the Environmental Protection Management system and the measures for the Assessment and Management of Transport vehicles; if they constitute a crime, they shall be handed over to the relevant departments for handling.

7. Attached Then

Article 17 The system is explained by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Article 18 This system fromIt will be implemented on April 1, 2020.



8. Attached Piece

1, "Hebei vertical and horizontal group Fengnan iron and steel co., ltd. environmental protection standard car public commitment"

2. Vehicle Use Registration Form of Hebei Zongheng Group Fengnan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

3. Tripartite Transport Agreement