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Xinhua Metallurgical Group was awarded the "2022 wisdom steel city construction excellent enterprise"

Release time:

May 01,2022

On April 27, China Metallurgical News officially released the selection results of the "2022 Entering Smart Steel City" activity, and Hebei Xinhua United Metallurgical Holding Group was awarded the "2022 Smart Steel City Construction Excellent Enterprise". At present, "wisdom" is becoming a distinctive feature of the iron and steel industry. Centering on intelligent manufacturing to help the high-quality development of China's iron and steel industry, China Metallurgical News conducted a comprehensive and three-dimensional display of the achievements of Chinese iron and steel enterprises and technology suppliers in intelligent manufacturing and organized the "Smart Steel City" selection activity. A total of 20 enterprises in China's iron and steel industry were awarded the title of "2022 Excellent Enterprise in Intelligent Steel City Construction.