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Cangzhou China Railway 2016 Summary Recognition and 2017 Deployment Mobilization Conference Held Ceremoniously

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Feb 07,2017

On the afternoon of January 18, red lights hung high inside and outside the company's office buildings and theaters, colorful flags were displayed, and the festive atmosphere was filled with festivals. Cangzhou China Railway's 2016 summary commendation and 2017 deployment mobilization meeting was solemnly held here.

  1Month 18In the afternoon, red lights were hanging high inside and outside the company's office building and movie theater, and colorful flags were on display, filled with a festive atmosphere. Cangzhou China Railway's 2016 Annual Summary Recognition and 2017The annual deployment work mobilization meeting was held here.

Sun Jimu, deputy to the National people's Congress and chairman of the board of directors of Xinhua Metallurgical Group, Sun Xiang, deputy to the Hebei Provincial people's Congress and president of Xinhua Metallurgical Group, he Jianmin, executive vice president of Xinhua Metallurgical Group, Wang Junjian, general manager of China Railway equipment Company, and other senior and middle-level leaders of the group and China Railway Company sat on the rostrum. More than 1000 people from the company's model workers, advanced high-level and advanced grassroots managers, as well as outstanding Communist Party members, advanced workers and employee representatives attended the commendation meeting.



The meeting was presided over by Wang Jun, general manager of China Railway Equipment Company. Sun Xiang, president of the group, read out the company's commendation "Decision" and commended 6 advanced collectives, excellent ironmaking party branches and 24Three model workers, three advanced senior managers, 16 advanced middle-level managers, 107 advanced grass-roots managers, 252 advanced workers and 14 outstanding Communist Party members were solemnly commended.

Li Wei, director of the coking plant, Bai Yonggang, director of the sintering plant, Liu Wei, director of the ironmaking plant, Lin Weidong, director of the steelmaking plant, Wang Guorong, director of the hot rolling plant, Sun Weixiang, minister of the supply department, and Liu Hao, minister of the safety and environment department, made statements on how to do a good job in 2017.

Sun Jumu, chairman of the board of directors of the group, made a speech entitled "management to a new level, indicators to innovate performance, in order to fully complete the 2017 production and operation task objectives and realize the group company" 112233The important speech of "Striving for Development Goals" systematically summarized the work in 2016, affirmed the achievements we have made in 2016, pointed out the problems and deficiencies in the work, defined the guiding ideology of the company's work in 2017, and put forward eight work priorities and six work requirements, it has set the grand goal of achieving "112233" and entering the world's top 500 by 2021, pointing out the direction for our work in 2017 and the next five years.



After the commendation meeting, a gala was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Cangzhou China Railway Construction Plant of Xinhua Metallurgical Group with the theme of "hand in hand for ten years to set sail". The staff also performed rich and colorful cultural programs, and a song and dance "soaring Xinhua Metallurgy" opened the prelude to the party.