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The third-level cadres of the group company celebrated the "May 1 International Labor Day" in a special way.

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May 03,2016

In order to have a meaningful "Labor Day", at the call of Sun Jimu, chairman of the board of directors of the group company, on the afternoon of May 1, Wang Jun, general manager of the group company, now led more than 200 third-level cadres to the company's second-phase project site and the first-phase continuous casting and rolling production line to observe and study.

In order to have a meaningful "Labor Day", the directors of the group companyBureau ChairmanUnder the call of Sun Jimu,5Month1On the afternoon of the 15th, Wang Jun, general manager of the group company, now led200More than three-level cadres, concentrated by bus to the company's second phase of the project siteAnd the first phase of continuous casting and rolling production line.Observation of learning.

At the project construction site, Sun Zhixiang, deputy general manager of the group company, briefly introduced the new power generation, coking,LNGThe progress of investment and construction of projects such as cold rolling, cold rolling, etc., everyone has watched the cold rolling and galvanizing workshop of the cold rolling plant, the continuous casting workshop of the steelmaking plant, and the rolling plant.1780Production lines, etc., from these projects, everyone saw the boss's investment spirit, and saw the prospects and hopes for the vigorous development of the group company.



Through this observation and study, the morale of the company's three-level cadres has been greatly boosted, everyone's strength has been effectively gathered, everyone's enthusiasm for work has been further stimulated, and everyone's confidence in the group company to build a strong steel enterprise has been enhanced. Everyone said that in the future, we must continue to strengthen learning, continuously improve and upgrade, strive to do our job well, strive to keep up with the pace of the company, and make our due contribution to the development and growth of the group company. (Trade Union Zhang Jiilian)