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Social responsibility report

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Looking back at the past year of 2018, it is an extraordinary year for both the world and the country, especially for Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., LTD. This year, full of respect for the history and longing for the future, under the strong and correct leadership of the Group, China Railway Corporation, with the courage to take responsibility and the courage to challenge the spirit of struggle, has written a satisfactory answer sheet.

Social responsibility report

Social Responsibility Report 2018

Looking back at the past year of 2018, it is an extraordinary year for both the world and the country, especially for Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., LTD. This year, full of respect for the history and longing for the future, under the strong and correct leadership of the Group, China Railway Corporation, with the courage to take responsibility and the courage to challenge the spirit of struggle, has written a satisfactory answer sheet. In the face of the complicated macro environment and the challenges of transformation and upgrading, the overall performance of China Railway Corporation continues to maintain the momentum of steady development, and continues to become the tax payer in Cangzhou City and the honest enterprise in Hebei Province. All the main business indicators hit a new record high, making new contributions to the steady growth of the local economy.

In 2018, we comprehensively reviewed and summarized the development history of China Railway Corporation in the same frequency with the country, actively explored the development track of iron and steel, the pioneering history of continuous transformation and reform, established the heart and cast the soul, and kept the new spiritual inheritance history. We are proud to find that being a responsible and dedicated enterprise has become the most distinctive feature of China Railway Corporation. We firmly make it clear that China Railway Corporation will always persist in forging enterprise vitality in inheriting responsibility and responsibility, always persist in promoting enterprise growth and expansion in keeping pace with the pulse of The Times, and always persist in deepening reform and innovation in exploring steel frontier trends. China Railway Corporation should strive to be the bearer of the national steel strategy, the doer of reform and opening up and the leader of innovation and transformation. This is why China Railway Corporation, as an enterprise with a sense of responsibility, a dream and a feeling, has the most clear understanding and the most profound understanding of social responsibility. The past year has been a fruitful year for China Railway Corporation to practice social responsibility. Social responsibility management has become an important dimension to reflect the core competitiveness of China Railway Corporation and has penetrated into all levels of enterprise development and construction.

First, product quality. The company attaches great importance to product quality and has set up a quality leading group led by the technology Department to promote the ISO10012 quality management system, and all staff participate in quality management and supervision. The company promotes energy management system certification, measurement management system certification, safety and occupational health system certification, etc., and has obtained effective certification certificates. Through unremitting efforts, the company effectively put a good quality, no major product quality accidents throughout the year, won the trust of customers, the company's production to sales, products sold without backlog, normal production.

Second, environmental protection. According to the requirements of "Deep emission Reduction Plan for Steel, coking and coal-fired power generation in Hebei Province", the company reformed and upgraded the flue gas purification system of 1# ~ 5# sintering machine, built ultra-low emission projects, and achieved the emission standards of particulate matter. Environmental acceptance has been completed, stable operation can reach the "iron and steel industry ultra-low emission standards of air pollutants" (DB13-2169-2018) emission limits: particulate matter 10mg/m³, sulfur dioxide 35mg/m³, nitrogen oxide 50mg/m³.

In July 2018, the company began to carry out ultra-low emission transformation work for desulfurization and denitrification of coke oven in the coking project. The project adopted the integrated treatment technology of semi-dry desulfurization +SCR denitrification + cloth bag dust removal. The bag dust remover selected the high-efficiency filter membrane needled felt bag with larger gram weight. The project was completed in December 2018, achieving the expected treatment effect and meeting the ultra-low emission limits of atmospheric pollutants for the Coking Chemical Industry (DB 13/2863 -- 2018) : particulate matter: 10mg/m³, SO2:30mg/m³, NOx: 130mg/m³.

In 2018, Hebei Lvhuan Environmental Monitoring Co., Ltd. conducted on-site monitoring for many times, and all pollutants such as air, noise and water were discharged up to the standard. In the past two years, the air quality index of Bohai New Area has ranked the first in Cangzhou City. On the one hand, this is due to the strong support from government leaders at all levels; on the other hand, it is inseparable from the fact that our company has actively promoted the in-depth management of environmental protection and ultra-low emission in accordance with the requirements of ultra-low emission standards and actively assumed social responsibilities. This year, our company was awarded the standing director of China Green Development Alliance for its outstanding environmental performance. In the aspect of environmental greening, we emphasize the initiative as a parallel approach with the sense of dedication, and have the courage to make the saline-alkali soil green shade. Through the hard work of generations of Zhongiron people, the factory environment is now full of green and vitality. Especially in 2018, we invested heavily in the infrastructure repair and environmental greening improvement of the plant, which won full recognition from visiting leaders at all levels. We actively help the Bohai New Area environmental governance work, many times invested in the purchase of saplings and later maintenance, the company's general manager for many times personally led the staff to participate in the Bohai New Area voluntary tree planting and environmental beautification and other specific actions, won the majority of cadres and masses of praise.

Third, energy consumption and comprehensive utilization of resources. Relying on advanced technology and equipment, our company has realized the secondary utilization of waste heat, pressure, gas and waste water. The projects of gas power generation, converter waste heat power generation, sintering waste heat power generation and sewage treatment plant run normally, effectively realizing the comprehensive utilization of energy. According to statistics, our company's annual surplus heat, pressure, gas power generation 219,2021,400 kWh, equivalent to 269,399.14 tons of standard coal.

At the same time, the company actively promotes energy-saving technical upgrading projects, pay close attention to the operation and management of energy-saving technical upgrading projects. It has strengthened the operation management of 38 high-pressure fans, water pumps and 162 sets (sets) of low-voltage motor system energy-saving projects, strengthened daily inspection and inspection, and formulated the assessment system, so that the energy saving equipment can be fully operated, playing a good energy-saving effect, and played a role in emission reduction. In 2018, we saved 144,0026 million KWH of electricity, equivalent to 17,697.79 tons of standard coal, and reduced 127,338 tons of carbon dioxide.

In 2018, the energy consumption of all processes of our company reached the standard: Sintering process 44.38kgce/t (limit 55kgce/t), blast furnace 393.71 process kgce/t (limit 435kgce/t), converter process -14.88kgce/t (limit 10kgce/t), process energy consumption is lower than the industry standard requirements.

Fourthly, safety and occupational health. Our company in the advanced nature of equipment, production technology level of continuous progress, improve, constantly pioneering in the market, and strive to become bigger and stronger. At the same time, never forget as a large enterprise should assume social responsibility, established the "occupational health and safety management system" and passed the certification, adhere to the "people-oriented", create a healthy and harmonious working environment for employees, actively fulfill social responsibilities.

1. Adhere to the principle of "safety first and prevention first" in safety, establish a safety management system, implement the safety responsibility system with the leader of each unit as the main person responsible, formulate and implement a strict safety management system, strengthen the safety education of employees, no major safety accidents occurred in 2018.

2, the company has developed a sound occupational health and safety management system, from the source, the new workers into the factory began to organize physical examination, physical conditions are not qualified personnel are prohibited to hire, and every year for the factory workers to organize a physical examination, to ensure that all workers can work at ease, healthy life. The company once entrusted Shijiazhuang Health and Epidemic Prevention Station of Beijing Railway Bureau to evaluate the status quo of occupational hazards. Professional inspectors from Shijiazhuang Health and Epidemic Prevention Station of Beijing Railway Bureau conducted a 15-day comprehensive test on hazard factors such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, dust, noise, X-ray, high temperature and high temperature radiation in 178 key posts of our company. And issue status evaluation report (report number: ZYWS2009-015, ZYWS2009-016, ZYWS2009-017, ZYWS2009-018, ZYWS2009-019, respectively). In the report, we put forward a series of reasonable suggestions on the management of occupational health and the equipment of labor protection supplies, and we adopted them all. On this basis, the company has formulated the Standards for the Distribution of Labor Protective Products and the Management and Control Procedures of Labor Protective Products, and established a supervision mechanism to regularly inspect the use of labor protective products of employees, and to notify and criticize those who do not use protective products as required, and give economic punishment to those who do not use protective products, which can guarantee the physical and mental health and safety of each employee from the equipment and facilities.

3. Social responsibility: The company pays all taxes and fees stipulated by the state on time and in full every year, and is a large taxpayer in Cangzhou City. Strictly abide by national laws and regulations, to each employee pay various social insurance. The social insurance that our company pays to our employees includes: individual endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance, etc. All the insurance fees are paid on time and in full, and there has never been refusal or default.

Fifth, scientific and technological innovation. In 2018, China Railway Corporation continued to firmly follow the road of focusing on scientific and technological innovation, and actively share the innovation results with the society. We continue to increase the investment in scientific research and innovation, and signed a science and technology cooperation agreement with a number of large domestic schools and enterprises. Guided by the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, comprehensively deepen reform, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and achieve the long-term development of the company with advanced thinking and research. Since the beginning of this year, China Railway Corporation has been rated as provincial technology research and development center, high quality strip technology innovation center; He has successively become the vice president unit of the Reform Strategy Association of Hebei Province and the executive director unit of high-tech enterprises in Hebei Province.

Sixth, the construction of staff and workers. We deeply implement and implement the corporate culture of "care and love", committed to cultivating a good cultural atmosphere, and put the staff in mind. Strive to create a life development platform for employees to succeed in their careers and happy families, and create an enterprise environment that can maximize the advantages of individual creativity and collective organization. In 2018, China Railway Corporation created more than 10,000 jobs and created more than 30,000 indirect jobs in tertiary industries such as transportation. At the same time, in order to continue to promote the work of supporting military and excellent families, we continue to accept veterans on a large scale, and formulate targeted training and promotion measures based on their actual conditions, to help them realize their role transformation and life transition, highlighting the social responsibility of a responsible enterprise. In this year, we also vigorously set up a business school to promote the continuous improvement of talent training system and help employees grow into talents.

Seventh, to ensure the life of employees. My company for the staff monthly food subsidies 300 yuan, effectively protect the living standards of employees; At the same time, the company provides free apartments and dormitories for more than 10,000 employees to live in at the same time, has free laundry rooms and shuttle buses all day long, and is equipped with high standard kindergartens, sound leisure facilities and modern theaters. Through regular art shows and various fun activities, the company provides strong support for enriching employees' physical and mental health, as well as service production and construction. We have invested in the construction of basketball courts, cinemas, table tennis rooms, billiards rooms and gyms, creating conditions for employees to participate in sports and fitness activities. Basketball, football, table tennis and other individual sports competitions are often held, and a large-scale comprehensive sports meeting is held every year, which greatly promotes the national fitness movement. At the same time, we often support the cultural construction of Bohai New Area with cultural programs written and performed by our employees.

Looking back on history, we have made remarkable achievements, but we should also be soberly aware that achievements can only represent the past, and we should never be complacent or conform to the past. In the struggle for the century-old iron journey, there are still many challenges waiting for us, the grim situation does not allow us to have the slightest slack. 2019 is a crucial year for China to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieve the first centenary Goal. All people in China Railway should pool their efforts, share their aspirations, overcome difficulties, strive to cultivate world-class enterprises with global competitiveness, and welcome the 70th birthday of New China with outstanding achievements.