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Social responsibility report

Looking back at the past year of 2018, it is an extraordinary year for both the world and the country, especially for Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., LTD. This year, full of respect for the history and longing for the future, under the strong and correct leadership of the Group, China Railway Corporation, with the courage to take responsibility and the courage to challenge the spirit of struggle, has written a satisfactory answer sheet.

Orderly start opening | China railway company all these 6 s management

In response to the call of the group company, comprehensively promote the 6S management of China Railway Company, improve the level of enterprise standardization and fine management, in recent days, China Railway Company according to the group's directive spirit, combined with the actual work, unified planning, the active action of the factory ministry, against the 6S standard quickly convened a mobilization deployment meeting, and strive to 6S management quickly and effectively.

The hot rolled products of the company won the certificate of "2016 Hebei Quality Products"

Recently, Hebei Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision announced the 2016 Hebei Province quality products list, my company produced "Lian CAI" brand hot rolled coil is among them, valid for three years.

Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co. LTD

The EIA work is divided into three stages: preparation, site work and report preparation. Preparation stage: evaluation agency site survey, data collection, environmental impact factor identification and evaluation factor screening, determine the evaluation focus and evaluation level; The first stage of the project EIA publicity. Field work stage: field investigation, data collection, environmental status monitoring and analog investigation.

Cangzhou China Railway 2016 summary commendation and 2017 deployment mobilization conference was held

In the afternoon of January 18, red lights were hanging and flags were displayed inside and outside the office building and theater of the company, permeating with a festive atmosphere. Cangzhou China Railway 2016 Annual Summary commendation and 2017 Deployment work mobilization Conference was held here.

Xinhua Metallurgical Group was awarded by the Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce

On November 8-9, 2016, the "Annual Meeting of the Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce (2016) and Seminar on Iron and Steel Overcapacity Reduction and Transformation Promotion" hosted by the Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, undertaken by Shagang Group and co-organized by Jianlong Heavy Industry Group was held in Shagang Hotel.

Our company was awarded the honorary title of "Cangzhou Advanced Enterprise in energy Conservation"

Recently, our company was awarded the honorary title of "2015 Annual energy Conservation Advanced Enterprise" by the People's Government of Cangzhou City, and awarded the honorary certificate and medal.

We warmly celebrate the 200th place of Xinhua Joint Metallurgical Holding Group among China's Top 500 Companies

In order to implement the outline spirit of the "13th Five-Year Plan", earnestly practice the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing", promote the quality and efficiency improvement, transformation and upgrading of enterprises, promote enterprises to participate extensively in international competition and cooperation, improve the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, and provide relevant data and research information for the development of Chinese large enterprises at home and abroad.

Xinhua Metallurgy ranked sixth in the list of Hebei Top 100 enterprises in 2016

Hebei Xinhua Joint Metallurgical Group ranks sixth among the enterprises in Hebei province, according to the 2016 list of Top 100 enterprises in Hebei released by the Hebei Federation of Industry and Economy, co-sponsored by the Hebei Entrepreneurs Association, the Provincial Enterprise Federation and the provincial Statistical Society.

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