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Hebei Zhongxiang Energy Co., Ltd. Information Disclosure

Release time:

May 13,2020

Hebei Zhongxiang Energy Co., Ltd. Information Disclosure

1. basic information

Name of (I): Hebei Zhongxiang Energy Co., Ltd

Address: South of Nanshu Port Road and East of Haiphong Road, Bohai New District, Cangzhou

Legal Representative: Wang Quanchang

Name of main (II) pollutants: particulate matter, benzene, non-methane total hydrocarbons, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide; emission method: exhaust gas is discharged into the atmosphere after treatment, and waste water is discharged into other units for entrusted treatment; emission concentration and total emission: (see annex)

(III)Record of environmental violations such as discharging pollutants in excess of discharge standards and discharging pollutants in excess of total control targets: No

(IV) investment in environmental protection: 29.1 million yuan; development and utilization of environmental protection technology and construction and operation of environmental protection facilities: in accordance with the requirements of the "three simultaneous" of environmental protection, the Bohai New District Branch of Cangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau approved the project on September 21, 2015, and is currently organizing acceptance.

(V) the disposal and comprehensive utilization of waste generated in the process of production and construction: hazardous waste includes waste mineral oil, waste activated carbon, waste zinc oxide catalyst, waste methanation catalyst and waste iron and molybdenum catalyst, all of which are entrusted to qualified units for treatment; solid waste, including domestic waste generated in the plant, is collected and disposed by the local sanitation department.

Emergency plan for (VI) environmental pollution accidents, pollution accidents and losses caused by accidents: the preparation of the emergency environmental emergency plan report was completed in November 2018, and was filed by Cangzhou Bohai New District Environmental Protection Bureau on January 8, 2019, with the filing number 130962-2019-008-M. No pollution accidents have occurred.

(VII) self-monitoring work and monitoring results (see annex)

(VIII) the payment of sewage charges (taxes) and the fulfillment of environmental and social responsibilities by enterprises: environmental protection taxes are paid in full every quarter.

Status of environmental protection training conducted by the (IX) for employees: monthly environmental protection knowledge training shall be conducted for employees and records shall be kept on file.

Other environmental information required by (X) laws and regulations: None

(11) Enterprises producing and using hazardous chemicals shall, in accordance with law, announce to the public the types of hazardous chemicals produced and used, hazard characteristics, relevant pollutant discharge and accident information, pollution prevention and control measures, etc:

Varieties of dangerous chemicals

Hazard characteristics

Pollutant emission

Accident Information

pollution prevention and control measures



It is a flammable and explosive gas. When mixed with air, it can form explosive mixture, which can cause combustion and explosion when exposed to open flame and high heat energy.

Carbon Dioxide


Provide good natural ventilation conditions, wear anti-static work clothes, no smoking on the work site, no use of mechanical equipment and tools that are easy to produce sparks, and the storage area is equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment and facilities.


Natural gas

Mixing with air can form an explosive mixture, which is easy to burn and explode in case of open flame and high heat. With fluorine, chlorine and other violent chemical reactions can occur.

Carbon Monoxide



liquid ammonia

Soluble in water, ethanol, ether; mixed with air can form an explosive mixture. Combustion and explosion caused by open flame and high heat energy

Nitrogen oxide, ammonia




Monitoring point location

Monitoring items

Executive standard (mg/m3)

Monitoring results (mg/m3)

Whether it is up to standard


Unorganized factory boundary

Particulate matter










non-methane total hydrocarbon





Hydrogen sulfide










Approved total

Sulfur dioxide: 0 tons/year; Nitrogen oxides: 0 tons/year;

COD:0 tons/year; Ammonia nitrogen: 0 tons/year

Total emissions