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Ingenuity Build Dreams and Travel to Light-Xinhua Metallurgical Group Held May Day Celebration and First "100 Xinhua Craftsmen" Commendation Ceremony

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Apr 29,2023

Ingenuity to build a dream To the light

Xinhua Metallurgical Group Held May Day Celebration and First"Hundred Xinhua Craftsmen" Commendation Ceremony


In order to further promote righteousness, boost morale, and create a strong atmosphere of learning advanced and creating first-class within the whole group,4Month27day,Xinhua Metallurgical Group HeldCelebrate"May Day" International Labor Day andThe first"Hundred Xinhua Craftsmen"CommendationCeremony.Sun Haixiang, Vice President of Group Company and General Manager of Cangzhou China Railway Equipment CompanyAttend and speak.Chen Meng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group and Deputy General Manager of Cangzhou China Railway Equipment Company, read out the commendation decision.Liu zhi, minister of personnel organized by the group, presided over the ceremony.

Deputy General Manager Chen Meng read out the commendation decision, to win the first98 employees with the honorary title of "100 Xinhua craftsmen" were commended. Company leaders for the "Xinhua craftsman" awards.

(Deputy General Manager Chen Meng read the commendation decision)

(General Manager Sun Haixiang presented the award to "Xinhua Craftsman")

(Deputy General Manager Chen Meng presented awards to "Xinhua Craftsman")

(Minister Liu presented the award to "Xinhua Craftsman")

Xinhua craftsmen were selected by various units through standardized procedures such as democratic recommend, material declaration, qualification examination, interview evaluation, publicity and approval. They vividly interpreted the spirit of labor and craftsmanship with their practical achievements, fully demonstrated the elegant demeanor of Xinhua employees in creating wealth through labor and achieving their dreams through struggle, and set an example for all employees.

(Rolling mill Li Quan made a typical speech on behalf of Xinhua craftsmen)

Rolling mill Li Quan made a typical speech on behalf of Xinhua craftsmen. He said he won the first.The honorable title of "Xinhua Craftsman" is extremely proud and proud. It will take responsibility, efficiency, rigor, and precision as the work creed, maintain the image of "Xinhua Craftsman", not forget the original intention, strengthen confidence, be worthy of the heart, and play an exemplary and leading role, To drive the common progress of people around you and contribute to the high-quality development of the company.

After the award session, General Manager Sun Haixiang first extended holiday greetings to Xinhua craftsmen and all employees, and warmly congratulated the individuals who were commended. He pointed out that the realization of the domestic steel industryThe grand goal of "benchmarking leading the enterprise" needs to gather the strength of the company, gather the wisdom of the company, give full play to the wisdom of the vast number of cadres and workers, emerge more "Xinhua craftsmen" and advanced models, promote the high-quality development of the company, constantly create a new situation and achieve new achievements.

(General Manager Sun Haixiang made an important speech)

Labor to achieve value, struggle to achieve the future. Mr. Sun emphasized that under the leadership of the chairman and president of the group's board of directors, all cadres and employees will focus on strategic deployment, vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmen and model workers, unite and forge ahead, be determined to innovate, and work hard to further create a new situation for development and jointly write development. New chapter.

(Group photo of leaders attending the meeting and winners of Xinhua craftsmen)

The firstThe selection and commendation of "100 Xinhua craftsmen" is an important measure to implement the strategy of developing enterprises with talents by the chairman and president of the board of directors of the group. It is also the best embodiment of the group company's emphasis on talents, respect for talents and cherish talents. It is also the concrete practice of the construction of the three talent teams of "compound management talents, expert technical talents and craftsman technical talents", It gives deeper significance to craftsmen and labor spirit, it sends more positive energy. At the same time, it also encourages the majority of cadres and employees to actively participate in the hot practice of the group's high-quality development with a strong sense of ownership and a vigorous attitude of the main force, centering on the center, serving the overall situation, based on their own duties, hard work and dedication.