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Cangzhou China Railway Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., Ltd. Product Upgrade Project Environmental Impact Assessment First Publicity

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Apr 17,2023

Cangzhou China Railway Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., Ltd.

Environmental impact of product upgrading projectsThe first evaluationPublicity

Name and Summary of 1. Construction Project

(1)Project Name:Cangzhou China Railway Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., Ltd. Product Upgrading Project.

(2)Project Location: Huanghua City, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province.

(3) Nature of the project: technical transformation.

(4) Project content:New construction of the project in the existing steelmaking workshop3TaiwanLFRefining furnace, eachLFThe refining furnace body equipment includes: ladle car, water-cooled furnace cover, furnace cover lifting mechanism, conductive cross arm, water-cooled cable, transformer, high and low voltage system, hydraulic system, argon system, cooling water system, etc.;LFRefining furnace clean water supply system, power supply system, dust removal pipeline, etc..

(5) Existing works and their environmental protection: The existing works of this project are the whole process of sintering, lime, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling and other processes of the steel industry, and the product nodes of each process have adopted the national recommend and stable environmental protection measures.

The existing engineering sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking (including steel slag treatment and lime and dolomite roasting) and steel rolling processes meet Hebei Province's "Ultra-low Emission Standard for Air Pollutants from Iron and Steel Industry" (DB13/2169-2018) on ultra-low emission requirements; Gas-fired power generation boilers meet the Emission Standards for Air Pollutants from Thermal Power Plants (GB13223-2011) Air pollutant emission concentration limit for gas-fueled boilers or gas turbine units, of which ammonia meets the Hebei Province "Boiler Air Pollutant Emission Standard" (DB13/5161-2020) atmospheric pollutant emission limits, nitrogen oxides meet the "Opinions on Promoting the Implementation of Ultra-low Emissions in the Steel Industry" (Ring Atmospheric[2019]35No.) medium limit requirements.

The unorganized waste gas from each discharge port and factory boundary in the coking process meets the local standard of Hebei Province, "Ultra-low Emission Standard for Air Pollutants from Coking Chemical Industry" (DB13/2863-2018), Opinions on Promoting the Implementation of Ultra-low Emissions in the Steel Industry (Environmental[2019])35No.), where the odor concentration meets the "Odor Pollutant Emission Standard" (GB 14554-93) medium emission limit requirements; The nitrogen oxides of the exhaust gas from the dry absorption and conversion of acid production meet the "Emission Standard for Air Pollutants from Industrial Furnaces" of Hebei Province (DB13/16402012) Limit requirements, sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid mist meet the "Sulfuric Acid Industry Pollutant Emission Standard" (GB26132-20101) Limit requirements.

The wastewater generated by the existing project is partially recycled to the production process after being treated by the sewage treatment stations in the plant area, and partially sent to the Bohai New District Sewage Treatment Plant through pipelines, and the indirect discharge of wastewater meets the "Iron and Steel Industry Water Pollutant Discharge Standard".2Indirect discharge standards, and in line with the requirements of the Hong Kong urban sewage treatment plant "sewage discharge into the urban sewer water quality standards."AStandard.

The noise emission of the existing project of Cangzhou China Railway Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., Ltd. meets the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises" (GB12348-2008)4Class functional area standards, east, west and north factory boundary noise emissions meet the "industrial enterprise factory boundary environmental noise emission standards" (GB12348-2008)3Class ribbon standard.

All kinds of solid waste generated by the existing project are reasonably disposed of, and the general solid waste disposal can meet the "General Industrial Solid Waste Storage and Landfill Pollution Control Standards" (GB18599-2020), hazardous waste storage can meet the "Hazardous Waste Storage Pollution Control Standards" (GB18597-2001) and its amendment list (Ministry of Environmental Protection announcement.2013Year No.36No.).

2. construction unit and contact information

Construction unit:Cangzhou China Railway Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., Ltd.

Contact:Fan Rongbin

Contact number:0317-5761991

Zip Code:061113

Correspondence address:Bohai New District, Cangzhou City, Hebei ProvinceNanShuGang Road (Cangzhou China Railway Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., Ltd.)

3. EIA Unit and Contact Information

Evaluation Unit: Hebei Zhengrun Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact:Cao Peng

Contact Phone:0311-66036389

Zip Code:050000


4.Public Opinion Form Link

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Five,Ways and means of submitting public opinion forms

Public opinions are fed back to the construction unit or EIA unit in the form of letters, faxes, e-mails, etc. Please provide detailed contact information while expressing your opinions, so that we can feedback relevant information to you in time.


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