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The company's first "Criss-Cross Cup" workers' basketball league opened

In the evening of August 14, the company's basketball court drumming loud, crowded lively, the opening ceremony of the first "Vertical and Horizontal Cup" workers' basketball league of ZH Steel was held ceremonially here.

Xinhua Metallurgical Group successfully held "The most beautiful home and the most wonderful you" 2019 May Day Gala

In order to celebrate the "May Day" Labor Day, vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, enrich the leisure cultural life of employees, adjust the body and mind, cultivate sentiment, and enhance the collective sense of honor, team cohesion and corporate cohesion of the employees, the 2019 May Day "The most beautiful home and the most wonderful you" gala held by the group was shown in the theater on the evening of April 29.

The first "Vertical and Horizontal Cup" table tennis competition of the company was successfully held

In order to meet the "May Day" and "May Fourth" double festival, enrich the leisure cultural life of the cadres and employees, cultivate the consciousness of physical fitness, and create an enterprising, harmonious and upward enterprise atmosphere. From April 26 to 28, the labor union of the company successfully held the first "Horizontal Cup" table tennis competition in the activity room on the second floor of the employee Canteen. All awards were awarded and the competition came to a successful end.

Social responsibility report

Looking back at the past year of 2018, it is an extraordinary year for both the world and the country, especially for Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., LTD. This year, full of respect for the history and longing for the future, under the strong and correct leadership of the Group, China Railway Corporation, with the courage to take responsibility and the courage to challenge the spirit of struggle, has written a satisfactory answer sheet.

Iron and steel workers have the power -- our company participated in the New District National Games and achieved good results

On April 26th, the sixth National Sports Meeting of Cangzhou Bohai New Area was held in Haibin College of Beijing Jiaotong University with the theme of "Sharing wonderful sports and flying the dream of New Area". There were 91 teams from "one city and four districts" of Cangzhou Bohai New Area, and more than 2,000 spectators gathered here to participate in the activity. Our company participated in the opening ceremony and the day of track and field events.

The company labor union organizes blood donation activities without compensation

Blood is limited, the truth is priceless. On the morning of April 25th, in order to ensure the supply of blood for clinical and medical use in the city and save lives in danger, our company and the downtown blood station jointly organized an activity of "Donating blood without compensation and giving love" in front of the No.1 dormitory building.

Our company went to Huanghua New City to plant trees

Spring all things Su, planting trees add green at that time. In order to support the green and environmental protection construction of the New District, the Group has recently invested more than 600,000 yuan for the purchase of saplings and later maintenance, which has been highly praised by the New District government and the masses.

The company holds fun sports activities to celebrate Women's Day

On the afternoon of March 8th, the second floor of the company canteen was full of laughter and lively activity. In order to celebrate the "38 International Women's Day", enrich the cultural life of female workers, reflect the company's concern for female employees and love, vertical and horizontal steel celebration "38" female workers fun sports activities held here, we gather together in a unique way to celebrate the "goddess festival".

Orderly start opening | China railway company all these 6 s management

In response to the call of the group company, comprehensively promote the 6S management of China Railway Company, improve the level of enterprise standardization and fine management, in recent days, China Railway Company according to the group's directive spirit, combined with the actual work, unified planning, the active action of the factory ministry, against the 6S standard quickly convened a mobilization deployment meeting, and strive to 6S management quickly and effectively.