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Deputy director of training operation Department



Job Description:

Number of people needed:1

Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above,under 40 years of age,more than 5 years of training management and human resources work experience in large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises,with corporate university working experience is preferred.

2.Rich experience in training system construction,independent course development ability,independent planning training project ability,independent training plan,and successful operation experience of several training projects.

Good command of office automation software

(3)Have strong organization and coordination,communication and planning management ability,logical thinking and affinity,have strong ability to work under pressure,learning ability,active work.

(4)Have the ability to teach public classes.

⑤Have the ability to guide course development and lecturer ability improvement(TTT guidance ability)

Job Responsibilities:

①Responsible for the organization of the annual training plan.

②Responsible for the management of monthly training plan according to the annual training plan.

(3)Responsible for the organization and implementation of training management:organize related lecturers and students to carry out training work.

(4)Responsible for the management of training effect investigation.

⑤Responsible for the management of staff training archives.

⑥Responsible for the selection and management of leadership students and professional skills program students.

⑦Responsible for the operation and management of online platforms.

⑧Responsible for subsidiaries and various departments,the factory training business management.